HOM Ministries

Dr. Waneko Saxton

HOM Co-Pastor

About Me:

Education & Training

Dr. Saxton is not untried to longsuffering, hardship, brokenness, disappointment and struggle. At her lowest point, God saved her at 17 years old. Though it seemed as though she was without hope, God was not finished with her yet; he wanted to take her to another level of serving Him. Already using her as a leader in Corporate America, God elevated her talents, and she was called to share her testimony and to preach. She was ordained in August 2007. While continuing to expand her gifts in ministry, God moved again in her life, and she was chosen to serve alongside her husband, Bishop Lea Saxton as Co-Pastor of Heart of Mercy Ministries.

As Co-Pastor, Intercessor, Teacher, Preacher, and Counselor, she knows she can do nothing without God!

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