A place of public worship, particularly for Christians.

This refers to the position held by those who have been called to unique vocational service in a church. The different churches have distinct forms of ministry.

This is the act of sharing Christ’s love with others in your immediate vicinity as you serve and engage with your neighborhood. You can easily begin by giving your neighbor something in your possession.

Christian counseling integrates your faith and psychological principles to enhance your relationships and mental health. Scripture and biblical principles are specifically used to help you deal with life’s issues.

Youth programs are held to meet the needs of young people and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

This is the act of attributing honour and revrence to God.

The practice of proclaiming the gospel with the goal of spreading Jesus Christ’s message and teachings.

This is an organization that functions as nonprofit, voluntary, registered or unregistered. Its identity and mission are rooted in a religious or spiritual heritage.

This is a Christ-honoring community exhibiting fidelity, dependability, support for one another, respect, and grace.

This is a Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are eaten to commemorate Christ’s death, to realize a spiritual union with Christ, and to serve as the body and blood of Christ.

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