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5 Important Reasons for Christian Counseling

What is Christian counseling and why do you need it?

Christians can approach problems holistically from the perspectives of the body, mind, and spirit. Many other therapy techniques either completely ignore or hardly mention the spiritual component.

All three of these aspects of our being—as bodily, psychological, and spiritual beings—play a significant role in our health and happiness, according to the biblical perspective of how we are created.

Christians do not believe that people are the result of time and chance. They understand that God, who loves you, cares for you and wants to heal you, specifically made you. So, where do you go if you or someone you care about needs counseling? Do you need Christian counseling?

Call us if you’re considering your options and possibilities. We would love to help you.

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Christian counseling


Here are 5 benefits of Christian counseling for everyone

1. Christian counselors have a deeper goal.

Christian counselors strive to assist people in their search for God and a meaningful and purposeful existence. Whereas many counselors assist their clients in the pursuit of happiness. God’s unfailing love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness are liberating. Christian counselors believe that God’s love is both for us to receive and for us to give to others.

2. Christian counseling acknowledges the existence of a higher authority.

Christian counselors are aware that the inerrant word of God contains principles that can help people experience the rich life Jesus described in the scriptures. In contrast to many counselors who rely on the most recent developments and influential figures in psychology for guidance.

Christian counselors believe that we can’t just rely on our own strength. Knowing that God can and will provide for you is priceless. Christian counseling can help you realize that you are not making your life’s journey alone, whether or not you believe in God.


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3. Christian counseling brings true hope.

The blessed hope of the Christian faith is an amazing eternity with God in heaven. In heaven, there won’t be any suffering or pain there. Just love, joy, and peace. Having an eternal perspective will give you hope for a lovely and satisfying life right here on earth.

4. Christian counseling believes in 1 truth and accepts it.

While some counselors advise their clients to follow their hearts’ desires and moral convictions, Christian counselors are aware that the heart is capable of being deceitful. Christian counselors encourage their clients to put the tenets and realities of God’s Word into practice. In light of biblical truth, Christian counselors will assist you in setting priorities and implementing desired changes in your life.

5. Christian counseling offers a path to salvation and healing.

Deeply emotional and spiritual wounds cannot be adequately addressed by secular treatment. True salvations and healing can occur when a person has a stronger relationship with God. Christian counseling offers people a sure path to God’s redemptive salvation and healing.

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Do you need Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling can be a tremendous help in overcoming addictions, managing mental health, mood disorders, navigating one’s own troubles, dealing with loss or grief, resolving marital and family problems, and many more. It is a huge aid in navigating the difficulties of this life and offers a hopeful path to recovery and transformation.

Christ’s healing power can work through you and heal every broken heart, bone, or spirit. Only if you let Him. At Heart of Mercy Ministries we believe in the redemptive power of God and His acceptance of all; young or old, rich or poor. With God, everyone has a place. Give us a call today, if you want to experience the truth of God’s word in your life.

For counseling services, please contact our Co-Pastor, Dr. Waneko Saxton on 302-480-0573

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